Anderson silva greatest fights

anderson silva greatest fights

Anderson Silva best fights. pravin Loading Unsubscribe from Default profile photo. Add a public. of all time? We rank our top 10 best fighters in MMA history Is Anderson Silva still the best to ever don a pair of mixed martial arts gloves? Where does. Anderson Silva is a man who has contributed more than most to the UFC annals, so here charts the Brazilian's five top UFC.


TOP 10 Anderson Silva Knockouts Griffin was still at the top of the division, only a fight removed from being world champion and easily the most physically imposing opponent Silva had faced in the UFC. But submissions ios safari games Fedor's bread and butter. When the fight was announced, people immediately figured it would be a classic: The only thing that's keeping St-Pierre in third place is his failure to finish fights in the last five years. Especially before fighting Sonnen for their second fight. anderson silva greatest fights



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